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Smart Solutions in the Supply Chain

WE ARE a solution-focused ADVISORY company, specialiZing in all aspects of supply chain change management.

Tholmann DMCC is an expert advisory firm specializing in supply chain & logistics strategy, planning and execution. We offer advisory, professional services, supply chain systems, outsourcing, and benchmarking across a broad range of industries. We strive to ensure the companies meet evolving expectations across all aspects of the value chain, for the present and for the future.

what we do

Tholmann DMCC specializes in supply chain strategy, planning & execution.

We provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage by significantly improving margins, asset efficiency and supply chain responsiveness. We offer expert advice in operational departments such as procurement, outsourcing, lean operations, change management, network designs and inventory control to create an optimized system that works for your organization – delighting your customers and delivering an advantage over your competitors.

Supply Chain Advisory

In a global market, it is crucial to distinguish oneself from the competition; more and more, customers are basing their choices on customer service over cost and quality.


Supply chain management provides them with this tool for competitiveness. Company directors with foresight have realized that supply chain management affords them an overview of their business affairs which guides them in strategic decisions and helps them to identify client-related problems. The supply chain is the backbone of the business. It consists of a process that links all physical activities from purchasing and manufacture to distribution and customer service.


Our global outsourcing and procurement team are experts at helping businesses use outsourcing as a strategic stimulus for transformational change.


Outsourcing and procurement are critical for businesses looking to control costs, develop core strategy or maximize the efficiency of their support functions. This is where we excel – we have extensive experience of acting on a diverse range of outsourcing transactions across a wide range of sectors for both customers and suppliers, so we understand how to extract the maximum value out of these transformational projects for our clients.

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Most companies with a logistical requirement struggle to have, ‘The right product in the right place at the right time at the lowest cost’, a simple concept, extremely difficult to consistently achieve. It requires combining multiple supply chain disciplines and activities; the main ones being manufacturing or supply, warehousing, transport, and systems. In some cases, the operating solution is self-evident in others the challenge is more complex.


Our expertise and experience working for both users and providers of logistics makes us well equipped in finding the right logistics solution for your company.

Warehouse Workers


The world today is changing all the time, and ports and terminals on land and see are a reflection of the wider economy, they exist in a dynamic, fast-evolving environment. Cargo-flows are also changing, and new competitors and technologies are constantly emerging. To maintain or enhance their market position, companies need to have an understanding both of economic trends and of modern demands on service levels.

For our work, we use various forecasting methods, both simple and complex, but the most effective form of forecasting is to have specialists with in-depth experience in transport logistics to verify predictions – and that is exactly what we have at Tholmann DMCC.


We develop customized quality solutions, utilizing our client’s inputs and the expertise of our network partners. This involves a comprehensive engagement process from project launch to the rollout phase. We seek to add value through innovation and creativity, and conscientiously strive to exceed our client’s expectations with respect to performance, reliability, budgets, and schedule. 

We can provide proven supply chain experts with the right knowledge and practical, hands-on experience in a variety of areas from supply chain planning support right through to expert project management. Our proven resources can become part of your team, and we work with you on an on-going basis to deliver desired business outcomes.


We identify areas of waste and look for opportunities to minimize costs – ensuring all expenditure works towards delivering your goals.

We implement sharper process, fully aligned with your business goals to drive efficiency and deliver operational advantages over your competition.

Whether at a compliance, contingency, or disaster recovery level, we setup systems that ensure continuity, whatever life throws at you.

We are a team of supply chain and logistics experts with the right knowledge and practical, hands-on experience. We guarantee the best practice methodologies and processes.

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Tholmann DMCC is an international consultancy providing Independent, Objective Expertise in Supply Chain and Logistics. 

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Office 604, Indigo Tower, Cluster D, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai,

United Arab Emirates

Telephone: +971 (0)4 583 2874


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