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By offering tailored shipping and logistics solutions for  any of the construction equipment, whether as built-up or knocked-down units, we can meet the complex needs of our customers.

Construction Site

General economic development, and more specifically investments in residential, non-residential and infrastructure projects, both private and public, are key drivers in the demand for construction equipment. In the coming years, global construction equipment sales are expected to soften but remain relatively close to the historically high volumes.

We accommodate a wide variety of construction equipment – from cranes, excavators and pavers, to bulldozers and dump trucks. Combining our inland logistics services with reliable and stable ocean transportation, provides the flexibility you need to meet your customers’ expectations for on-time delivery.

We offer a variety of processing and technical services at our port and inland processing centres, as well as at your factories and shipping floors. We can store, inspect, repair, assemble, customize and transport machines to meet the specific needs of your end customers.

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