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Tholmann DMCC’s also provide specialist logistics advisory services. Our expert knowledge of the industry and extensive corporate experience, working with both providers and users of logistics services, allows us to offer additional and specialist support for our clients.

The assessment, enhancement and development of best practice end-to-end supply chain planning that synchronizes the people, planning and systems to drive the right business outcomes. Tholmann DMCC uses proven change management methodologies to ensure that processes are embedded to deliver sustainable results. As supply chain planning consultants, we offer the following services:

Market Research

The word today is changing all the time, and ports and terminals on land and see are a reflection of the wider economy, they exist in a dynamic, fast-evolving environment. Cargo-flows are also changing, and new competitors and technologies are constantly emerging. To maintain or enhance their market position, companies need to have an understanding both of economic trends and of modern demands on service levels.

For our work, we use various forecasting methods, both simple and complex, but the most effective form of forecasting is to have specialists with in-depth experience in transport logistics to verify predictions – and that is exactly what we have at Tholmann DMCC.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Disposals

At a time of unprecedented disruption and an increased focus on innovation, keeping up with market change is an everyday endeavor. To compete and capitalize on new opportunities, you have to constantly build, refine, and invigorate your portfolio.

Your M&A decisions must align with your business objectives and be promising at the same time. It sounds simple, but it's difficult to master. With extensive experience planning and executing, Tholmann DMCC help companies quickly and cost effectively add strategic capabilities and reach.


Tholmann DMCC Benchmarking allows you to measure your performance against best-in-class companies and industries to identify improvement opportunities.
Through our advanced Supply Chain Strategic Review process, we diagnose and analyze supply chain performance and benchmark it against industry best practice. Our benchmarking data is collected from a wide range of industries and sources to deliver a true best practice standard that is practical and relevant to your company and industry.

Attestation And Legalization of Documents

Our team for document handling is highly experienced with International Documentation Procedures and our long-standing relations with the Key offices for document handling like Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for UAE, Consulates in Dubai, etc.  brings us the reliability and trustworthiness in our business.

As part of our Document Handling Services, we provide services for:
•    Notarizations
•    Legalizations 
•    True Copy Attestations
•    Certificate Apostille 
•    Document Apostille
•    Consulate Attestation
•    Signature Verifications

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