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Engineers and Businesspeople


We strive to learn the whole story.

We have individuals who are experts in your industry and who are in it with you from end to end, raw material to finished product or field to refrigerator case. Individuals who know make Tholmann DMCC the only resource you need to know for supply chain solutions, transportation solutions and any other “do you know someone who…” solutions.

Construction Managers
Construction Site Managers

We are your kind of people.

Whether it’s a more protective method of shipping automobiles or a proven approach to getting tractors by breakbulk, Tholmann DMCC has people who know how to do things, deliver things, ship things, process things and price things competitively—like no one else.

Tholmann DMCC has individuals who know the challenges of not just your industry, but your company. Most importantly, we know how to create solutions whether your company is just stepping into offshoring or a seasoned shipper looking for efficiencies. While automation is amazing and data is invaluable, it still takes people who know what to do with an opportunity. Who can execute. And who have the means to make it happen.

Undeniably Different. Undeniable Results.

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Contact us today for a no obligation conversation, and let’s see where Tholmann DMCC can take you and your business.

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