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When you’re competing in the fast-changing technology market, your logistics performance has a major impact on your success. Working with many of the world’s top technology companies means  has the industry knowledge and tailored solutions to beat the market and give you a competitive edge.

Technology is a dynamic industry, displaying at some levels little barriers to entry, and at other levels intense global competition among some of the world’s most highly-valued brands. At every level, the industry is constantly driven by innovation and speed-to-market by demanding users. We understands how to manage and optimize even the most complex supply chains and multi-tier networks.

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The logistics required to support the electronics industry are diverse and extensive. Beyond warehousing highly complicated and valuable inventory, specialized services such as kitting and program management help to ensure accuracy from the manufacturer and point of origin, through the assembly process to fulfillment at electronics retail stores or product distribution centers. Tholmann DMCC's track record of accuracy and customer satisfaction makes us an ideal partner for electronics companies in need of logistics support.

Electronic Store

Our platform and services help to protect your technology cargo with automated alerts and instant law enforcement access.

  • Layered security with no single point of failure

  • Proactive resolution with additional peace of mind

  • Instant law enforcement connection for quick recovery

  • Freight risk management features in red zones and rest areas

Monitoring Room
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