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organization structure design &
change management

We provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage by significantly improving margins, asset efficiency and supply chain responsiveness.

Tholmann DMCC’s Supply Chain Structure & Change Management advisory service focuses on team structures, performance measures, roles and responsibilities, and skills required.   


Unclear roles and responsibilities, or dysfunctional organizational structure can lead to supply chain results not being realized. Organizational change can be an opportunity to redesign jobs, develop structures that improve career opportunities, and develop improved communication and reporting lines to deliver superior results.

The following may trigger the need to review and change the organization’s structure:

  • Change in business strategy

  • The introduction of new technologies

  • Responding to client needs

  • Need to improve service delivery

  • Reduction of costs

  • Need to review the organization’s processes

  • Competing or misaligned KPIs


Tholmann DMCC can help you design an organizational structure that:

  • Support the business strategy

  • Aligns the structure with complementary KPIs

  • Designs workflows are simple and standardized – the work flows easily between each step-in a given process. Team composition and workload is balanced and manageable

  • Incorporates opportunities for career progression and succession management


  • Customer’s needs and expectations are met in a profitable manner

  • Knowledge management and communication are effective - the structure enable clear and well-informed decision making and communication

  • Position titles are simple and clear so that people can easily identify who to contact about what

  • Strengthened alignment & communication across teams - dependencies and interdependencies are clear and manageable with a clear view of the entire planning process


Tholmann DMCC’s advisory service focuses on team structures, performance measures, roles and responsibilities, and skills required. We also create implementation plans cognizant of feasibility, requirements, opportunities, and risks in moving to a new structure(s).


Tholmann DMCC is an international consultancy providing Independent, Objective Expertise in Supply Chain and Logistics. 


Tholmann DMCC is an expert advisory firm specializing in supply chain & logistics strategy, planning and execution. We offer advisory, professional services, supply chain systems, outsourcing, and benchmarking across a broad range of industries.

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