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inventory analysis & planning

We provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage by significantly improving margins, asset efficiency and supply chain responsiveness.


Effective inventory analysis and demand planning is vital for keeping the amount of working capital invested in stock to a minimum. To operate a supply chain efficiently with reduced inventory all processes and systems must be aligned to the end goal: meeting your customer order on time and in full at the lowest cost.


To achieve this, we advocate the disciplines of lean logistics in your organization’s inventory management policy to ensure:

  • Effective data gathering and value stream analysis

  • Efficient communication and information sharing

  • No deviation from standardized processes and controls

  • Continual measurement of performance against target

  • An operational problem resolution process


Within our infrastructure model the inventory module allows us to test alternative inventory policies against a range of future scenarios, identifying the impact on:

  • Customer service 

  • Warehouse space requirements 

  • Warehouse activity (particularly goods in and pick face replenishment)

  • Transport movements

  • Working capital


As a result, our supply chain consultants can provide inventory solutions tailored to your organization’s infrastructure. Optimizing inventory is a continual process, if not undertaken properly opportunities to permanently reduce your stock levels will go unnoticed. Embracing a more efficient lean inventory analysis and demand planning process into your operations will allow you to benefit from:

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Improved brand image

  • Improved cash flow 

  • Increased sales

  • Decreased cycle time 

  • Improved profitability 

  • Competitive advantage

  • Reduced warehouse footprint and associated costs

  • Reduced provisions for undesired outcomes


Determining optimum inventory levels through the implementation of lean inventory analysis and planning into business processes will enable you to achieve your supply chain objective.


Tholmann DMCC is an international consultancy providing Independent, Objective Expertise in Supply Chain and Logistics. 


Tholmann DMCC is an expert advisory firm specializing in supply chain & logistics strategy, planning and execution. We offer advisory, professional services, supply chain systems, outsourcing, and benchmarking across a broad range of industries.

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